Congressman Lowenthal Statement on Trump Shutdown

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Washington, D.C., January 20, 2018 | comments

Congressman Alan Lowenthal issued the following statement on the continuing Government Shutdown:

The Trump Shutdown.

How we got here:  President Trump has reneged on multiple spending deals, and has caused chaos at every turn.  The House of Representatives passed a 4 week continuing resolution (CR) with Children’s Health Insurance Program  (CHIP) reauthorization and sent it to the Senate.  A bi-partisan group of Senators led by Lindsey Graham (R) and Dick Durbin (D) came up with a bi-partisan DACA solution as well as a bi-partisan solution to border security.  After discussions with the President, they released that plan.  President Trump supported their amendment to the House CR.  At the last minute, President Trump withdrew his support and the bipartisan solution fell apart.  The result was the Senate failing to act and the government shutting down. 

It is not too late! If the Senate takes up the Graham-Durbin amendment to the House CR and it passes the Senate, we all win.  I believe this solution would receive bipartisan support in the Senate, and if it is put up to a vote in the House, it will pass.

Let’s do the right thing and pass a bipartisan CR with support for the dreamers, along with reauthorizing the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

My staff and I are in Washington, DC working to reopen the government as quickly as possible before the American public experience any further disruption.

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