Congressman Lowenthal Demands House Vote To Release President Trump’s Tax Returns

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Washington, D.C., April 6, 2017 | comments
Congressman Alan Lowenthal today joined with nearly 180 of his House colleagues in signing a “Demand A Vote” petition—also called a discharge petition—to force the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to vote on the release of President Trump’s long-promised tax returns.

“It is important that all U.S. Presidents work in the country’s best interest when making decisions for the American people and are transparent with their financial interests. By releasing tax returns to the public, as all Presidents over the past five decades have done, President Trump could assure the American people that undue influence or conflicts of interest do not bear on his decision making,” Congressman Lowenthal said.

“Yet, as Americans prepare their own taxes this tax season, President Trump continues to hide his tax returns from the American people.  And the GOP leadership in the House has been complicit in this lack of transparency by blocking a resolution demanding the immediate release of the President’s tax returns.”

The President’s tax returns will provide a clearer picture of the President’s financial interests, including ties to Russia and China, and any additional potential conflicts of interest.

“The President’s business and financial ties to Russia need to be revealed to the American people. The Republicans work for the American people, not President Trump; they should join Democrats in urging the President to be open and honest with the American people and release his taxes now.”

After Watergate, all presidents, Republicans and Democrats, have released either their individual tax returns or summary tax data.  Nearly three-quarters of Americans, including 50 percent of Trump’s supporters, want the President to release his tax returns, according to a recent ABC/Washington Post poll.

A “Demand A Vote” petition, also called a discharge petition, requires 218 signatures of Members of the House of Representatives in order to force a vote on the U.S. House floor. 

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