Fifty Years Later, A Long Journey Remains

August 28, 2013
Speech and Floor Statement
It has been 50 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. called for an end to racism in this country in his historic "I Have a Dream" speech.

To this day, the power, passionate delivery, and truth behind his thoughts still rings in my ears.

My dream remains his dream.

I dream of a nation that has left the shackles of prejudice behind. I dream of a nation that is driven by what is best in the human character.

I long for a time when opportunity is an equal door open to all people. Of a time where getting sick is not a liability to success. A time when being born poor is not a life sentence to inequality. And, when an education is assured to all who want one.

Just like Dr. King knew 50 years ago, I know all of these things will not come true in my lifetime. Perhaps not in the lifetime of my children or grandchildren. But I will not stop working for these goals. I will not stop pushing in the direction of this future, because this is the future of a brighter America--a better America.

An America where "we the people" have not only secured the blessings of liberty, but extended them to all people.