Congressman Lowenthal Supports President’s Steps To Begin Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

November 21, 2014
Press Release
Congressman Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach, CA) released the following statement today regarding President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration reform announced this evening.

"During my time in Congress, I have strongly supported comprehensive immigration reform that would provide a pathway to citizenship while securing our borders and fixing our broken immigration system.  While the Senate passed a bipartisan bill by wide margins last year, the House leadership has yet to even call a vote, though this bill would pass with support from both parties.

"While Congress has refused to act, millions of families across our country and in California have lived under the threat of deportation. I have repeatedly urged the President to use his authority and protect families until Congress passes immigration reform.  In doing so, the President would be using his power consistent with his authority and in line with many of his predecessors, both Republican and Democrat.

"I am pleased that today, the President announced his plan to shield as many as 5 million people from deportation.

"The President's action will help thousands of people in California's 47th District. People like Gurmukh Singh, a devoted father who faces deportation despite having young children and never committing a crime.  Thousands of people like Mr. Singh will be able to continue contributing to our communities and raising strong families.

"According to the Pew Research Center, in California over 13 percent of all students have at least one undocumented parent.  I applaud the President acting so that thousands of families in my district will not have to live with the fear of being separated.  This is about parents, about families, and about children."