Congressman Lowenthal Statement On San Bernardino Attack

December 7, 2015
Press Release

Senseless violence and murder has once again cut lives short and left families with the pain of tragic loss.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the devastating and abhorrent attack in San Bernardino.

I am also grateful for the swift and professional actions by law enforcement who kept many more people from being killed.

The FBI is now investigating this horrible tragedy as an act of terrorism.

Whether they were domestic radicals or they were guided by foreign hands, we will not be cowed by fear. This is what all terrorists want. Terrorists cannot win by force of arms. They cannot win through ideology. They have nothing to offer the world other than terror, fear, and oppression.

They can only win if we allow the fear they sow to cause us to inflict wounds on ourselves: by compromising our freedoms; by compromising our values; by compromising the collective spirit and humanity that unites us as Americans.

We must act with care in times like these that we do not unjustly demonize any one group or community. The minute we turn our backs on each other out of fear, this is a victory for the terrorists.

We must come together as a nation, as members of communities large and small, to give each other the strength to stand in the face of tragedy and remain both vigilant and determined.

But ISIS cannot be allowed to run rampant in a free world, violating all norms of decency. We must not stop until we live again in a world free from the barbarity of ISIS.