Congressman Lowenthal Decries Shutdown of Federal Government

October 1, 2013
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Alan Lowenthal released the following statement today regarding the House of Representatives vote on the Continuing Resolution:

"Every day that the federal government remains closed means more families, students, veterans, and businesses do not have access to the federal services they need or depend on. Head Start programs, small business loans, veterans' benefits, social security applications, passport and visa services – the list of delayed or closed services goes on and on.

"This is not what my constituents sent me here to do. I came here to work on rational solutions to the problems facing my constituents and the nation. But this situation is irrational in its conception and terrible in its likely effect.

"The American people deserve better and it is our job, our duty, and our responsibility to return Congress to rational, reasoned, and cooperative governance."