Congressman Lowenthal Challenges Sentencing of Vietnamese Activists

April 11, 2018
Press Release
Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) today issued the following statement on the sentencing of six Vietnamese activists to harsh prison terms by the Vietnamese government. Those sentenced include Congressman Lowenthal's adopted prisoner of conscience, human rights lawyer Nguyen Van Dai, who was sentenced to 15 years:

"Nguyen Van Dai has worked tirelessly for decades, often times under severe repression from the Vietnamese government, to make life better for the Vietnamese people. Instead of being praised for his dedication to his people, he has been vilified, imprisoned, and sentenced to 15 years in prison without even the most basic aspects of due process. Amnesty International recently described the Vietnamese government, which currently holds nearly 100 political prisoners, as ‘one of South East Asia's most prolific jailers of peaceful activists.' The sentencing of Nguyen Van Dai and the five other activists on these ridiculous charges is an affront to the Constitution of Vietnam and an indictment of the impartiality of the justice system in Vietnam. I have been, and will remain, Nguyen Van Dai's advocate in Congress. He and the other prisoners of conscience in Vietnam should be released."