Congressman Lowenthal Calls On Moldovan Parliament To Reject Anti-LGBT Legislation

July 21, 2016
Press Release
Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) has delivered a letter to the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament calling for the legislative body to reject recently proposed anti-LGBT legislation that mimics Russia's 2013 propaganda law that would levy fines for spreading "propaganda of homosexual relations among minors" through the internet, mass media, assemblies, and in other ways.

The letter was authored by Congressman Lowenthal and signed by 23 other Members of Congress.

In the letter to Moldovan Speaker Andrian Candu, Congressman Lowenthal warns," If this legislation is enacted, it would target marginalized communities and erode basic freedoms guaranteed in the Moldovan Constitution."

The letter points out that the legislation would actually violate Moldova's Constitution which provides that every citizen shall be guaranteed the freedom of thought and opinion, as well as the freedom of expression in public by way of word, image or any other means possible.

The letter also notes that Moldova has already made great democratic, constitutional, and economic advancements. It was only three years ago that the nation took an important stand for human rights and basic freedoms when it overturned a similar anti-LGBT propaganda law.

"The U.S. values its relationship with Moldova and hopes to continue strengthening this relationship," the letter said. "The current legislation runs counter to the protection of fundamental human rights, which is the cornerstone of American democracy and our relations with other nations."

"I am proud to join with my colleagues in Congress in standing up for human rights and human dignity around the world," Congressman Lowenthal said about the letter.

Click here to see the full letter.