Congressman Lowenthal Applauds Randy Berry Appointment As State Department LGBT Special Envoy

February 26, 2015
Press Release
Congressman Alan Lowenthal today issued the following statement on the announcement that Secretary of State John Kerry has appointed Randy Berry as the State Department special envoy to promote global LGBT rights:

"Randy Berry brings not only his professional experience as a highly successful diplomat to the table, but also a profound understanding of the issues of universal human rights. His appointment is a great step toward assuring that we as a nation serve as a beacon to the rest of the world by promoting our fundamental values of equality, equity, and diversity, especially at a time when the basic human rights of so many people across the globe are being threatened. Mr. Berry will no doubt play a major part in guaranteeing our nation's role in defending the innate rights of all human beings—including the LGBT community—across the globe to live, love, and prosper."