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The Cities of the 47th District

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Map of California's 47th District

Los Angeles County

Long Beach

The beach-front city of Long Beach is the largest and most populous city in the 47th District, boasting a population of over 460,000 people—the 7th largest in California and the 36th largest in the nation. The city is home to California State University, Long Beach, one of the nation’s top public universities; the Port of Long Beach, one of the busiest and cleanest ports in the Western Hemisphere; and, the Long Beach Airport, one of the busiest regional and general aviation airports in the nation. Known as “The International City,” Long Beach is internationally recognized for its dominant role as a U.S. maritime gateway, and the city also boasts major manufacturing and high-tech industries. The city is also renowned as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the nation, including one of the largest Cambodian communities outside of Cambodia. Long Beach is a major Southern California tourist destination and a regular shooting location for films and television, often serving as the double for oceanfront cities such as Miami.


The city of Lakewood is bordered by Long Beach on the west and south, and Cypress on the east. With a population of approximately 80,000, Lakewood is considered one of the original models of the modern suburb in post-World War II Southern California. It’s motto is “Tomorrow’s City Today.”

Signal Hill

Located directly in the heart of, and surrounded completely by Long Beach, Signal Hill is a small town with a population of roughly 12,000 people. The city is well-known for its spectacular views of Cal State Long Beach, Downtown Long Beach, and the Pacific Ocean, as well as its rich history in oil exploration.


Visible on clear days from the mainland, Avalon is the only incorporated city on Santa Catalina Island, which sits about 20 miles off the coast of Long Beach. Serious development of the city began in the early 20th Century when controlling interest in the island was purchased by chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley. A popular tourist destination for more than 80 years, Avalon boasts numerous hotels, restaurants, botanical gardens, a country club, golf course, beach club, and the Catalina Casino, which despite its name is a former dance hall, not a gambling establishment. The island is home to nearly 4,000 permanent residents.

Orange County

Buena Park

A portion of Buena Park is located in the northeast of the 47th district. With a total population of more than 80,000, this post-WWII Orange County suburb is the well-known home to numerous Southern California tourist destinations, most notably Knott’s Berry Farm. The city motto labels the city as “Center of the Southland.”


Originally a major U.S. dairy community, following WWII this Orange County city rapidly became a popular suburban destination, changing its name from Dairy City to Cypress in 1957.  Between 1955 and 1970, as the dairy farms left and housing developed, the city population grew twenty-fold. Today home to nearly 48,000 residents, Cypress is known for its well-balanced blend of industry, business and residential communities.

Garden Grove

The second largest city in the 47th district, the Orange County city of Garden Grove was incorporated in 1956 and today is home to more than 170,000 residents. Renowned for its ethnic diversity, the city is home to significant Asian communities within its borders, including a major Vietnamese and Korean population. It is also known nationally for its annual Strawberry Festival, one of the largest community festivals in the western United States--attracting more than 250,000 visitors each year.

Los Alamitos

A former farming community, the Orange County city became a suburban residential community for personnel working or stationed at the city’s military air base following WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars. The base remains today as the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, comprising nearly 50 percent of the city’s 4.3 square miles. Incorporated in 1960, and today boasting a population of nearly 12,000, Los Alamitos relishes its small-town atmosphere.

Midway City

One of the oldest communities in Orange County, Midway City is surrounded by the cities of Westminster and Huntington Beach. The city of 8,500 boasts a unique form of local government that incorporates its chamber of commerce and homeowners association to act in concert like a city council. Due to annexation by surrounding cities, the remaining 390 acres of Midway City now exists as four ‘islands’ each separated from one another.


Often mistakenly thought to be a part of neighboring Los Alamitos, the unincorporated Orange County community of Rossmoor boasts a similar population--just over 10,000. A planned post-war residential community of more than 3,400 homes developed between 1955 and 1961, the entire 1.5 square mile Rossmoor community is surrounded by a signature red brick wall.


Sitting just east of Cypress, the Orange County suburban city of Stanton covers roughly 3.5 square miles, but boasts a population of just over 38,000 residents. First incorporated in 1911, the city disincorporated in 1924. Following a post-WWII housing boom, the city incorporated again in 1956. Despite its small size, the city boasts nearly a dozen parks and recreation facilities for its residents, as well as being home to Orange County’s third amusement park, Adventure City.


The second most populous city in the Orange County portion of the 47th District, the city of Westminster was incorporated in 1956 and boasts a population of more than 92,000. Long a location of farms and agriculture, the residential areas of the city boomed after WWII, with the population quadrupling in the 1960s. An award-winning “All-American City,” the city is well known for its cultural diversity, such as its world-famous “Little Saigon” community. Westminster has the highest concentration of Vietnamese-American residents of any city in the U.S.

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